September 14th, 2021 – 1,084

Today was dreadful. Like, I broke three chess pieces – remember how upset I was when I broke one last year – and that was an afterthought. The highlight on the positive for today I’ll end on, so stay tumed to the end of this very short post for that. The worst part, well that was my gut going NOPE and seeing me flee home so I wouldn’t be ill at work. That was, unpleasent, and then my attempt to order Subway resulted in a 45 minute mess trying to get a refund for an incorrect order. After looking at other reviews, I gotta say: Avoid Eastbourne Subway like the plague.. And no, putting on a mask doesn’t fix the plague of their service. That is, such a forced and bad metaphor.

Speaking of forced and bad metaphors, TBS is still giving me headaches. I do not have third act and now I’m writing the third act, so um, that’s not good. I have no idea if I will figure it out in the next few days or just keep stumbling until the end. I am at least pretty sure that end will come this month. As will my desk, so yay. And guess what came today…

I named her Valkrie

September 13th, 2021 – 1,083

Today was a good day, albeit one where my stress levels peaked so high that I felt like Deadpool was doing his full dance routine including katanas inside my stomach. I managed to set up more of my new PC, dubbed Valkrie for her pink case and radiant RGB, as well as being stupidly overpowered. I also got a decent cutesy scene written for TBS, and while yeah it’s all still a hot mess, I like when I can write a good subtext fun interaction. I think I’ll feel much better when the flat is sorted, my diet settles down, and when I move on to the next book. I love TBS, but this is a second/third time’s the charm story if ever I saw one.

September 12th, 2021 – 1,082

A much better day today than a lot of recent Sundays. In no small part, writing early made that possible. Right now I’m just in a mood to rest and relax ready for work tomorrow, but I did also make time to try out the new PC, which is running as an absolute delight.

I’m resigned to the fact TBS is half stuff I’m really happy with,and half an absolute mess requiring a top to bottom shift. I know what the problems are, but I think the thing holding the book back is my lack of pre-planning specifics, and my low energy when it came to coming up with ideas on the fly. Here’s hoping a rewrite fixes both.

Also BoJack Horseman is now my favourite TV show, taking over from The West Wing. Finished watching it with my partner in the small hours of the morning and man, The View From Halfway Down really does mess you up. We both lamented that we can only dream of writing that well. I hope I can some day.

September 11th, 2021 – 1,081

Man 20 years. I was reading a fascinating article about the impossible task the memorial to 9/11 in New York at Ground Zero has in teaching history but also dealing with the patriotic issues that make telling an objective story on the site itself so hard. If I remember I’ll edit this with a hyperlink.

I met a friend I haven’t seen in about 10 months today, so that was nice. And then I built, with a ton of help from another friend who is an angel, this beauty.

So satisfying.

September 10th, 2021 – 1,080

Apologies for being so cryptic yesterday. Things are better today, but I only got about an hour and a half of sleep. After work, I think I’ll just pass out for a good few hours. Still in the meantime, I managed to end this week on a productive high, and I’m writing this at 13:38, so I get to rest for the evening tonight guilt-free. I also figured out a present for my partner that I’ve written into WHT and that will influence the later series. I can’t wait to hear what they think.

So on a lighter note, I’m looking at picking up an HTC Vive Pro, and I am so excited. I’ll actually be able to play the Rhombus of Ruin! And you know a bunch of other stuff too, but ngl that’s a big part of it. Also Phasmo VR. That, is going to be terrifying.

September 8th, 2021 – 1,078

The days are sure getting longer, which is ironic given that is the literal opposite of what is happening to daylight hours at the moment. Depends I suppose on what you count as a day. 1K rules say it ends when I switch off for the day, and by that, they’ve been long. I’m not sleeping great, and I don’t like the affect it’s having on me. Anxiety over moving home again – 4th time this pandemic – and just wanting to do a good job at work is getting, tough. I should go see a therapist, but all I can do is wait until I get offered an appointment. I hope that’s soon.

Books are going great though. TBS is starting to take good form, and WHT is starting to read like a well written novel. Granted I still have blind spots, but I can be my worst critic. I guess we’ll see what the beta readers say on the second pass. For now, I need to take a first pass at passing out. Wish me luck.

September 7th, 2021 – 1,077

Ok the editor is still looking wrong but yesterday the post came out looking ok. It vanished overnight and I had to republish it from drafts just now, so um, editor continues to be buggy, but whatever, not a big deal. As for today, well, just as weird. I did a bunch of important things, most important among them going to a flat viewing which I’m hoping some good will come of in time. So for now I just continue to plod on and wait. And hope. And pray. I could really do with some stability right now.

TBS is starting to take better form, and I am glad that as of yet, I’ve managed to avoid too much cliche. I avoided a big trope I dislike a lot today which I am happy about, though the scene it appears in – or rather, doesn’t – is going to need a lot of polish and elbow grease. Still, it’s nice to turn out something a little different, even if it’s not exactly good yet.

September 6th, 2021 – 1,076

Well the WordPress editor changed. Thanks I hate it. This better not make my post look weird. And well today has gone, better I suppose? Like, I wrote late, but I got a lot done during the day, and I don’t feel too bad for it. Not bad. I spent a lot of my downtime today and this evening watching LTT and in the latter case playing Psychonauts 2, which continues to be brilliant, but yes, today is, weird. Can’t put my finger on why. At least writing is going ok.

September 5th, 2021 – 1,075

This was a weird weekend. Everything was stable, and then it wasn’t. I made the best of it, and ended up, sort of stable? These posts have been hella short, and this one likely wont be a ton better, but in a nice turn of events, I feel I’ve been getting more in the groove I want to with TBS. It’s still a disjointed mess through the whole second act, but it’s my disjointed mess, and that sense of owning it now is making a lot of difference. All the same, it’s gonna need a lot of work.

In terms of editing, I’m finding I average a substantial chapter edit just over once every two days, which is a great rate to be working at. I’m keen not to codify that in the same way as I have with ‘main story content every day’, because I value flexibility, but I don’t feel it is out of the question that as soon as the start of 2022, I could be doing a chapter of meaningful edits each day. Would certainly speed up the process, and make it so I can launch WHT sooner. With the recent shifts in my life right now it’s kind of unlikely that I’ll be making any real push to put the book out there in the short term, but I mean, shrug?

I’m going to be working from home a lot more now, which is, annoying, but what can you do? Have to be on hand for flat related things with the new change in arrangements I have in my life. But hey, at least it makes writing this late a tiny bit less of an issue.