About me

I’m Sam, and I live to write. I spent most of the last 10 years trying to balance writing with a large amount of crap in my personal life, until towards the end of last year I threw everything out and started afresh with just my writing. I built the new me around one goal: I have to write at least 1,000 words a day.

A lot of the work shared here is still in progress, so I hope you can stomach the abnormal sentences, adverbs, adjectives and at times gaps. It’s all coming together slowly. The series I am working on is in fourteen parts, of which three are between 50 and 100% written up, and the others sketched out. Feel free to ask any questions.

My greatest flaws as a writer is I still use too many adjectives, adverbs, connectives as openers, accidental passive voice and I don’t force my work down people’s throats enough. My greatest strength is I know my greatest flaws and I’m working on them.

Here’s a random list of my favourite things because I feel like it:

  • Book (Fiction) – Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
  • Book (Nonfiction) – Getting Things Done by David Allen
  • Film – Mary & Max
  • Radio Show – I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue
  • TV Series – The West Wing
  • ^ Episode – Two Cathedrals
  • Food – Vegetable Phall & Linda McCartney Vegetarian Crispy Duck, followed by Nacho Pasta Bake
  • Month – February
  • Day – 2nd of February
  • Number – 13, followed by 4
  • Train Station – Ore Railway Station (pictured above)
  • Colour – Tie – Light Pink / Light Blue
  • App – Trello, followed by Hemingway
  • Gadget – Kenwood Food Processor
  • Way to write – Handwritten journal
  • Way to spend an evening – Playing games with friends
  • Video Game – To The Moon/ Finding Paradise, followed by Day of the Tentacle
  • Physical Game – Magic: the Gathering
  • Magic card – Eureka (Legends, 1993)
  • Legacy Deck – Turbo Depths
  • Modern Deck – As Foretold Turns, followed by Ponza
  • Commander Deck – Flying Sushi, followed by Kaysa’s Squirrel Brigade, followed by Slivers
  • Day of the week – Wednesday
  • Album – Hamilton Original Broadway Soundtrack
  • Song – Chasing Cars, Snow Patrol
  • Drink – Coffee, followed by Gin and Tonic, then Kraken, then Guinness
  • Time of day – 12pm – 2pm
  • Journal – The Oreacle, part 1
  • Chocolate – Dark, Sea Salt
  • Console – Nintendo Switch
  • OS – Ubuntu 16.04
  • Constellation – Orion
  • List – This one. It makes me smile