May 26th, 2023 – 1,703

“What personal belongings do you hold most dear?”

Well the stuff in yesterday’s post would seem obvious candidates, but to be honest, it’s my journals. See what makes the 1K era of my life so unique is, I have 300 words in journal entries from October 1st, 2018; a bunch of word dumps I did near the start I called ‘Extra Ideas’ that show where my head was at on my worst days; this blog since February 7th, 2019; bullet journals from January 3rd, 2020, and between all of those, a near complete record of my life across this journey. Experiences are the most valuable part of life, and thanks to those journals – and yes, I consider this blog a virtual journal – I have that experience to reflect back on at any time I like.

My manager had his retirement party today. Funnily enough, he started managing me all the way back right alongside me starting 1K. And while yeah I built a lot of this myself, I gotta say the support I got at work from him and the wider team played a huge role too. Today is a good day for reflection and gratitude.