May 25th, 2023 – 1,702

“Do you have any collections?”

Let’s see:

  • A full signed set of Dungeon Crawler Carl books – which won’t be complete soon.
  • Every single version of Day of the Tentacle – though the Limited Run versions are still in production.
  • Assorted Monkey Island memorabilia, think I’ve posted the shelf with the new statue.
  • Pokémon Base Set, Jungle, Fossil, Team Rocket, all complete.
  • A modest but still respectable Switch library.
  • Every gen 1 – 4 mainline Pokémon game, plus Black, White2, X, UltraSun, AlphaSapphire, Sword, Legends Arceus and Violet.
  • I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue memorabilia.
  • I guess Magic? That sort of counts.
  • I used to collect train tickets, but I’ve culled that down by a lot now.
  • Story ideas. I keep an extensive list of these that I’ll occasionally run with or blend into other stories.
  • Birthday/Christmas cards – Working on turning this into a scrapbook I can flip through.

When I think about ‘collecting’, those are what spring to mind. With the exceptions of story ideas and birthday cards, I’m not actively seeking more of the above. I might try and get the missing Pokemon games, but it depends if I end up feeling like going beyond Gen 4 with the Pokedex challenges. I’m on 144 for Yellow so I’m very close to starting Gen 2.

Looking forward to a quiet weekend and doing some needed housework with my spare spoons. Keeping my chin up and trying not to overthink waiting for my results to come back. Clockspinning is still going well, but I am also all too aware that I need to flesh out the cast a bit. Ensembles are not a strong suit for me.