May 23rd, 2023 – 1,700

“How do you feel about cold weather?”

It’s my absolute favourite. I adore when the world outside is cold, albeit I like having the option to then heat up indoors, and man, the government isn’t making that easy for a lot of people right now. I give up, this is a political blog now, who cares NO ONE IS READING THIS. Especially you Nina. See you’re probably wondering if that’s a bluff or a reference or if I’m actually addressing someone called Nina; maybe you are Nina. Except no one is reading this so HA, double twist! I am, very tired.

But I wrote after work in the office, so that’s good. I have actually arranged to – fingers crossed – go back up to 4 days a week over the holidays, which will be lovely as I can come into the office and stay every evening. Man apologies to get sappy and also if you’re not in a good place yourself, but I am so grateful I get to do a job I enjoy, in a place I like to be. Also, Pokedex is up to 141! It’s gonna be slow going for now, as 7 out of 10 of the mons left need 10 levels of grinding each. Also woo, double-zero day.