May 21st, 2023 – 1,698

“How do you balance work and home life?”

When it’s working right: by NOT working from home. Honestly, full respect to people who feel comfortable working from home, and this should be the new normal to have the option. But for me, I struggle feeling that my desk at home is my work desk. Makes it hard to switch off. And I like my job, so you can imagine how wretched it would be for me if I also didn’t. Even if you do like what you do though, if you can’t establish boundaries it gets stressful over time. And what makes this all the more frustrating, is I need to in order to pull off the whole uni thing, as if I try to go into the office every day, that extra travel is enough to knock me out.

So these days, the balance comes from trying not to beat myself up for throwing away the one successful way I had of balancing these two, and reminding myself I wanted this.

That’s a depressing answer. GOOD NEWS, I’m writing Clockspinning again! I think my mental health being a trainwreck took away my self confidence and confidence in the story, and that spiralled. But now I’m pushing through it, I think I’m ok.