May 9th, 2023 – 1,686

“What’s a job you would like to do for just one day?”

One day? Damn WordPress that’s actually a great prompt. Well, I guess there is one job that I would want to experience, but wouldn’t want as a job, and therefore makes a good candidate. Politician. I’d never want to be one, though a long time ago I did. Studying politics in round one of Sussex wasn’t a fluke. Heck, I even desired the top job at one point. Now, not so much. In fact the mere idea of being a public figure makes me physically ill; there is a reason I would prefer to remain in obscurity, ‘imaginary readers’ meme aside. Increasingly though I’m starting to realise that isn’t an option. Here’s hoping it turns out I can’t build an audience even if I try. I have a lot of respect for politicians, an uncommon opinion I know. Maybe it’s knowing that there are levels below cabinet where people do good work. Maybe, begrudgingly, it’s an awareness that the state in its current form isn’t the absolute worst it could be.

Jeez that one wasn’t even a political question, I need to just shove the politics into a draw and lock it. I’m doing ok otherwise, spent all evening playing Pokemon. Gotten up to 51/151 in Yellow thanks to some trading in from Red and Blue. Still gotta do a lot more slots until I can get Porygon, Pinsir and Scyther, but feeling good about completing the Dex. This is the life I want. I hope it’s the life I get to keep.