May 8th, 2023 – 1,685

“What are your favourite brands and why?”

Well that’s dystopian. Favourite brands of what? Or am I supposed to say in general? Um, well true answer is I don’t have a favourite brand or brands that I would build myself around, but here’s a few I use for stuff, I guess?

  • Google – Not endorsing it but Sheets and Docs are my most used tools for a reason. That reason is the real time cloud saving/ Are there other services offering that now? Probably but I’m rooted.
  • 7UP – Does this count? I don’t even know. What’s a ‘favourite brand, what kind of question is that?
  • I can’t say Nintendo because while all of these suck, they suck a lot more visible in the here and now and it’s not in vogue to look past that.
  • Same goes for Magic.
  • What the hell qualifies as a brand? Do YouTubers count? I’m watching a lot of SummoningSalt, is that channel a brand?
  • I use Silvine and Leitz for my bullet journal and diary journal respectively, I guess them? I had to look up what the brands were though so is it right to call them a favourite, especially when it’s one specific product each? What is this question?
  • Fairphone/Framework. Non-meme answers, very happy with both.
  • Is Sussex a brand…?
  • Am I a brand?
  • Esme Jones, they count as a brand right? I mean yes I think my fiance counts as a brand. Oh god that really is dystopian.
  • Baja Blast. Is that even a brand? Isn’t Mountain Dew the actual brand? I don’t know what words mean anymore.
  • LucasArts. The old one.
  • LucasFilm Games, maybe? I mean RtMI was great.
  • I’m literally just turning over things on my desk and asking ‘are you a brand?’
  • I give up.

So, yeah that was a waste of time. Have fun deciphering that. I could write that as the afterword for half my novels too though so I guess it’s





I’ll see myself out.