May 2nd, 2023 – 1,679

“Have you ever been camping?”

Oh all the time growing up. We used to go camping every year with the youth group Woodcraft – which isn’t about wood work so much as socialism but I do try not to get political here so just, look it up. Was really nice and meant I got to enjoy roughing it outdoors quite a bit, as the camps varied quite a lot in terms of facilities. As for full on wilderness camping, not so much, which is a shame as with the EDS that’s probably no longer such a good idea. Still, I am grateful for the memories I have.

Things are slowly starting to correct themselves for me. Still feeling ill and out of it, though maybe it’s just in my head but I feel as if I’m starting to get my strength back a bit. I’m just glad I’m no longer in the gaslighting myself about fatigue arc of my life where I’d just go ‘ok that’s enough, get back to it now’ and ignore all the fatigue until I made myself bedridden again, and then repeat. Also actually getting my Pokémon playthroughs organised. The tab above is still a little sparse, but at least it now has my up to date progress figure for Yellow’s Pokédex. Progess right?

My fingers are going nonresponsive so I’ll have to leave it there. So, maybe not as recovered as I hoped…