April 28th, 2023 – 1,675

“When is the last time you took a risk? How did it work out?”

…That’s just a variation on yesterday’s question.

Good thing I’m too tired for a prompt I guess, just read yesterday’s post and blame it on WordPress. I’m all good though; just got back from a Stewart Lee gig. I will never get tired of seeing him perform live. I will however get tired from a long day out and have indeed done so, so I will be retiring to bed soon-ish. I need to hop on Raft though because I have a craving; it’s nice to crave video games again, it’s been a while.

As for writing, well I’m still going back and forth on the next project. I guess one slight road bump when it comes to starting a non-fiction project is writing isn’t the first step: it’s research. I’ve poured all my research spoons into uni, so until I finish – on about May 16th with the final exam – I don’t have a lot left for silly little side projects. I did have a thought walking down to the Yummy Noodles bar earlier though; planning. See, have another project stuck in limbo in the form of Clockspinning, with between two and three failed starts now depending on if I use the second one or not. I think what’s halted me each time is I have ideas for a whole lore for the setting, but I’ve not actually written them out like I did with STO. Some projects I can wing a bit, but this is absolutely not one. And, maybe doing so will put me in a mood for some non-fiction planning too.