April 24th, 2023 – 1,671

“How do you unwind after a demanding day?”

Assuming I have my writing done, I like to play video games. I am trying to get back into playing Pokemon on a more regular timescale now, but I haven’t been the best at sticking to that. A lot of the time I end up either on mobile games like Solitaire, or on Magic Arena, but I do play Raft with my friends and fiance. And sometimes if I have the energy I’ll play a more demanding option like some Psychonauts 2. And some nights, I’ll boot up Day of the Tentacle for the billionth time, because that game is my ultimate comfort experience.

Oh yeah you did read that right by the way. I didn’t want to announce our engagement until I had a chance to make sure most of the family knew, but yes I am now officially engaged. We were sort of engaged before, but I wanted it to become official in person so we could have the memory of the moment to look back on.