April 16th, 2023 – 1,663

“What is your favorite restaurant?”

The Spice Garden in Eastbourne, absolutely mindblowing food. Their Phall is worth asking for, though you do need to request it specifically; ordering online I just order a Vindaloo and ask for the omph. Honestly it’s had some stiff competition in Seattle but I still feel it comes out on top.

I’ve managed to get into my early writing groove here at last, just in time to head back home. I’ve still got a few more days here and I will be making the most of those, but it’s been pretty tough thinking about being so far away from my partner again. But they’re worth the wait, and I will be back. I’m still writing nonsense, and having fun doing it, but I’m starting to come to accept that maybe I do need to do more. Not sure what form that takes yet, but I’m gathering my thoughts on where I want to be.