April 8th, 2023 – 1,655

“What animals make the best/worst pets?”

Best: affectionate, let you know when they need stuff, help motivate you to get out of bed, basically a dog or cat, with my preference probably being cats just because of my mobility issues. But that’s subjective preference, and as far as I’m concerned the only ‘worst’ pet is the one you’re not suited for, so I guess that’s a soul searching question. By that criteria, I still do not trust myself with looking after plants, let alone animals, so I’d have to put literally all pets into this category.

Today I went to an American mall, and it was BIG, like real big, but also a lot of fun, if a touch overstimulating. I also got to spend a lot of quality chill time with my partner, and like, that’s easy to take for granted when you live with or near to your loved ones, but the fact I can do it so easily now is such an emotional liberation. I am so happy.