March 28th, 2023 – 1,644

“How has technology changed your job?”

…I work in learning technology. It is my job.

That wasn’t even gonna be an abrupt one, mood is perfectly fine but like, what else can I say other than “it exists”? Actually in all seriousness shout out to my employer who honestly has gone above and beyond when it comes to supporting my studies. Honestly it means the world to have positive support in the workplace because I know from experience what the opposite feels like. The only thing in my life right now that’s a teeny askew is that I am more than a little burned out from a lot of intensive commitments, but come Thursday evening, all that washes away for a blissful break.

Also, putting this here for my own reference as much as anything, but for “Writing the New Nation” we need to write our own essay question, and I’m going with “How did Henry David Thoreau reconcile his ideals with reality in Walden?” I think it should be a fun write, and I hope a good read when it’s done. I’ve been wondering if it’s ok to put my essays up on this site, and I keep forgetting to ask, but hopefully it is and I can share them soon. I’m pretty proud of them, and this is pretty much my fridge door. Which, now I think about it makes the colour scheme make a lot more sense.