March 26th, 2023 – 1,642

“What is your favourite type of weather?”

Rain, indoors and out, and even virtual ( all hit the spot.

This weekend was a difficult one, and not helped by Sussex deleting all enrolments and asking everyone to scramble to do them all over again. I really hope I manage to get onto my chosen courses again or I am going to need to have words with people, and they won’t be polite if I don’t get the correct answers. Sound harsh? Well I don’t care, they’ll fix it because I’ll tell them to fix it. Can you tell I’m not in the most rosy of moods? Yeah I am in a foul one tonight. But such is life. Could be worse, but still, I need a holiday, and I swear to god I will retaliate if anyone gets in the way of that come Thursday afternoon.