March 25th, 2023 – 1,641

“Who was your most influential teacher? Why?”

Her name was Mrs Hallows – I am so sorry if I have the spelling wrong on that. I had her for English Language in years 8 and 11. For context, as someone who couldn’t touch paper and had trouble focusing, I was pretty much in the dregs when it came to writing and English in general. I liked stories – my sister used to make them up for me and taught me how to be creative – but I found doing anything with words hard, and just didn’t bother. I think you can guess, over sixteen hundred words into a thousand words a day, with a deluge of stories before that too and now 14 novels under my belt, something changed. That was thanks to her.

I was in my first tabletop RP in over three years today. My last was near enough three years and a fortnight to the day ago, and it felt nice finally being back in one, and I even didn’t mind doing it digitally. The advantage there was I got to be in a campaign with my xirlfriend and it was lovely. And what’s super nice is I idly started writing beforehand, and hit target without even needing to think that hard, so today felt like, well, an actual rest day.