March 19th, 2023 – 1,635

“How would you rate your confidence level?”

Situationally dependant. And it depends what you mean by that. I can speak up in meetings, lectures and seminars, but I tend to get tongue-tied if asked about my own interests. I can speak to large groups and argue a case, but I hate arguing and prefer conflict resolution over ‘winning’. I can be smooth and charismatic, or if I’m agitated I can deteriorate into needing to not deal with anything for a long time. So overall, high confidence, high variance.

Speaking of variance, a late target yesterday followed by a pre-5pm one today makes this weekend a touch all over the place. Yesterday I was fine, chilled and unproductive, but then wrote double-target; today I’m in a lot of pain, anxious, got my writing done early and barely cleared a thousand. Both count as all I have to do is reach 1K, but I do prefer when one day and the next become interchangeable. Is that boring? Maybe for other people, but I will always take stability over novelty. Moved onto TWR chapter 4 now at least, and the novel is coming close to hitting that all important 90K threshold. Important for literally no reason other than 90K is a good general wordcount but a nice place for it to be. Still needs a ton of work.