March 12th, 2023 – 1,628

“Where would you go on a shopping spree?”

Honestly eBay. I’m much more of an old weird tech fan than one of buying shiny new things, and as for my journals, I stick to a very select few specific supplies. That said, All Things Analog‘ in Eastbourne is my absolute favourite place to go and just buy all sorts of cutesy stationary and notebooks; it’s a lovely shop and they are super friendly, please if you are not imaginary and you’re in the area, go check them out, or visit their site I linked above. Can’t recommend them enough. Mana Gaming would fall into that same spree, and there’s always some new Magic or Pokémon or board game curio in there that catches my eye. Again, visit and link is above.

Plugging out of the way, I have had a pretty successful day all told. I wrote much earlier, made myself a cream tea just because, and got Dead Rising set up on Valkrie for a potential playthrough, so long as I don’t just end up depressed and overwhelmed this time. That game man, it’s goofy as can be but it does punch you in the gut with impunity. Besides that, I think my assignments feel more or less there, but I am going to be devoting all my editing time over the next few days to touching them up. Again as I said before, it’s not a type of assignment I am as familiar with, so I am a little nervous about how that’s going to go. Not as nervous as I am about the exam, granted, but then that’s less immediate. Top 10 sentences that will come back to haunt me…