March 10th, 2023 – 1,626

“What is the last thing you learned?”

That the sticky adhesive of Gameboy Printer paper is pretty strong, until you peel them off just once, which makes them pretty much useless. Good thing I bought a lot of rolls. My Pokedex is taking form slowly – see below, minus Magikarp and Gyrados which are too far down to guarantee I’d be putting them in the right spaces. I’m making slow progress – albeit much faster than my Emerald playthrough. 48 combined hours and two gym badges between the two games, both on Yellow. I’ve been a little too focused on work and uni projects for too much fun, though my silly writing project keeps my spirits up.

I leaned a lot this week, some of it less tangible than I can put into words yet. I had to stand up and say I needed to fence off the weekend to a few people, and for that, I feel more than a little wretched. Right decision or not, I wish I hadn’t had to. But between finalising some assignments, and straight up resting without work crews in the house ripping down the ceiling, I’ve been struggling to just switch off. I hope my holiday – 3 weeks today – will let me detox from it all.