March 7th, 2023 – 1,623

“You’re writing your autobiography. What’s your opening sentence?”

…Stop asking about this. And no that’s not the opening sentence.

Managed to write reasonably early again today, and had a good day all in all. I think my rough period that ran through more or less the entirety of February is coming to an end, but I am hesitant to declare it over. That said, I am feeling pretty good about where my life is at this point in time. The fact I can say that when I had to have my ceiling ripped down yesterday is saying something. Is grim, have pics. But yeah, I do need to be cautious about feeling too ok. As I feel ok making football metaphors now Southend isn’t in immediate danger of collapse, it’s like the first two minutes after you score a goal: you’re on a high, but this is when you are most likely to concede. I’m keen to hold my position.

I think I’ve made my project decision for post-uni this year. The Deep Blue play is crying out to be written and I just feel it could be a wonderful project. It’s also got legs as a possible in-road to societies, specifically the drama ones, assuming that I manage to win over anyone with the concept. I think I can both because it’s cheap to set dress and such a potentially compelling story, because the real life version on its own was a work of magnificent drama.

Also I bought a Nutpea berry card.

My poor ceiling.