March 6th, 2023 – 1,622

“What are three objects you couldn’t live without?”

My diary, my bullet journal, and at least some kind of working pen. If I have those, I can do everything short of blogging and the daily Wordle. Sub out the pen and you can’t do the journalling, but if I’m allowed to have a pen as a free item, I’d give an honorary nod to this laptop, not least as when I am barely functional it’s always the most comfortable way to write. Speaking of…

So I didn’t sleep last night. It was a mess, and a terrible start to the week. If there weren’t renovation works going on in my flat today I’d have called in sick and rested this off, but as it is now I’m on campus, I am better than I was. That isn’t saying a whole lot, but what can you do. The one advantage of the all-nighter is I got target done super early, and I’m posting this at just past 11am after doing some email tidying. It’s a wretched day, but I’m making the best of it.