March 4th, 2023 – 1,620

“Do you believe in fate/destiny?”

I believe in living life as if these are at your back, and riding out life’s many arcs as if there is purpose to them. As to whether such meaning exists, I see that as beside the point. Make your own destiny, live by your own fate.

Quiet Saturday, and I needed that for sure. Essay banked, which is a relief as I hated needing to take an extension yet again, but on reading the new one back, yeah I am glad I didn’t submit the disjointed one written when I was ill. Will this one do well? No idea, but it will pass, if only because it meets the bare functional needs of an essay. I’ll take that if nothing else, and hope that my interpretation of the texts makes for an entertaining and thought provoking read. That’s the highest honour a text can achieve is it not? Well, it is to me. And if my destiny lies in academics, as I hope it may still, then this is a valuable step towards the academic I wish to be.