March 3rd, 2023 – 1,619

“Do you enjoy your job?”

Yep! Believe me, if I didn’t enjoy my job, I wouldn’t have decided to keep it when I went to university. Working at the college has quite a lot of intense challenges, but it’s rewarding, and they treat me well. In fact, I’m not sure I’d have felt comfortable going back to uni without the job to ground me. I feel very lucky, because I know all too well it’s quite rare for someone to enjoy their job at my age.

It’s kinda sad in a way because I’ve been feeling really burned out of late, and that’s affected my ability to enjoy my job and uni, but not through any fault of either. I needed to wall off more time for just me. Well, today I sort of did that. The issue is I’m on such little battery that I may have to do it all three weekend days. Not fun. But at least I recognise I need to do that, rather than trying to battle through it and make it worse in the process.