March 1st, 2023 – 1,617

“If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why?”

My xirlfriend. I would like to have more perspective on their life experiences and how their mind works, because I don’t pretend to find anyone else’s mind even close to as fascinating and worthy of interest. #simp #don’tcare

Good news, I seem to have corrected a blip of the last couple of weeks that drove target to dangerously late times, and where I was honestly starting to enjoy writing less. Granted, my “silly side project” is on the cusp of 60,000 words so like, it’s grown in scope for sure, but it’s also a case that I’ve been sleeping a lot worse at the moment. Trying a few things like more painkillers to fix it, but it’s funny how impactful bad nights’ sleep have on my wellbeing, far outsizing everything else.

Other thing of note at the moment, I have a new page! You’ll see it above as “Pokémon Completion”, and it is very much a work in progress, one I want to make more visual. Still, I thought it would be neat to keep myself publicly accountable on this too. Why not right?