February 28th, 2023 – 1,616

“Describe the most ambitious DIY project you’ve ever taken on.”

I wish I still had pictures. For the record, I failed, and the only reason the end result even functioned was the other people in our woodworking class – an odd choice for someone who can’t stand the texture of wood, I know – worked together to get it to the finish line. It was a “mini” bowling alley. By “mini”, I mean it was about 8/9ft long, with a ball return system and paint job. Yeah. It was “functional”, if by functional you can include having to lift the far end and shake it to make the pins roll back to the front like they were meant to. God I apologise to everyone involved with that monstrosity, what a mess.

Speaking of a mess, TWR is starting to not be as much of one? The early chapters are beginning to feel like the opening of a book you’d, you know, actually want to read? Intrigue, hooks to a mystery and to the world at large, better dialogue and structure, less telling etc. It still needs a bunch of work so I’m not like saying “go read it now”, but if you did, it’s not as awful as it was. Progress! Ending the month on a high with that, and while yeah there’s a lot of work there, and in my degree left to do, this feels like a nice natural moment for reflection. Imma go play some more Pokemon Yellow and enjoy it.

…Right after I buy more batteries. Thank god I saved before they died on the train…