February 24th, 2023 – 1,612

“What bores you?”

I don’t get bored, not easily anyway. There’s a reason when I play Pokemon I tend to spend upwards of 15 hours of grinding on the first route; not efficient, but I like repetitive activities. I get bored by situations that I’m forced to do and feel I have nothing to contribute to, but that takes a very special cocktail to come together. Most of the time I can just make my own fun.

Had a super chill day. Worked on my essay for uni, and had a lovely hangout with my xirlfriend talking philosophy and writing, and just random topics as they came to mind. That’s all I need to be happy, so I am in a state of contentment. I think until I reach the end of the first year, this is the kind of day I want to aim for as many as possible of. Writing has been just as relaxed, coupled with editing my essay, just enough work to feel productive. Having Fridays as a day off is worth its weight in gold.