February 23rd, 2023 – 1,611

“What is your favourite drink?”

Still think it’s Guinness but coffee for function and a G&T to just relax rank up there, the latter of which I have availed myself plenty of tonight. I am so tired, stressed, more than a little tipsy I guess because of the former two, and just glad to be at the weekend at long last. I need a nice long break from thinking and doing, to do nothing and do it well. I’ve got an essay to tweak over the weekend true, but that I feel relative confidence over, and shouldn’t need too much work. As for other commitments, I know friends want to do a couple things, and I am happy to, but outside of that I am gonna just sleep. I’ve lost so much sleep this week, too many five and four hour nights, and it adds up fast. I won’t tonight as I had a fair amount to drink, but I think I need to start taking at least one paracetamol before bed to get past the hurdle of dropping off.

That said, 5 weeks down, 6 to go. I’m sad about that, as I don’t want university to pass so quickly.