February 18th, 2023 – 1,606

“Are you patriotic? What does being patriotic mean to you?”

That’s a fascinating question because we were learning about patriotism last week at university, and the distinctions between it and nationalism. But, no, I’m not patriotic. When the European Union referendum happened, I told people I supported remain because, while I consider myself Eurosceptic – and still do – you don’t fix institutions by moaning from the outside of them. You have to either take an insider route, or an active revolutionary one. Well, that’s how I feel about the UK too. I dislike a lot of aspects of my country, and am grateful for the many benefits of being a citizen. One of those benefits is the ability to freely critique the nation. You might now wonder why I wouldn’t be patriotic if I agree with and cherish those values. Well, to me, patriotism means loyalty to the state, and I am not loyal to the state. I believe the UK needs fundamental reform, and a better conversation on the ethics of that ‘united’ part. I cannot be loyal to a state that discriminates against its own citizens, and demonises others based on different nationality. I do not know if I could ever feel patriotic based on that definition: I care too much about my country and making it a better place for blind patriotism. And no, I do not feel activism is a form of patriotism.

Well that was long, rambling, and political, so it seems WordPress is keen for me to nuke my own blog into the ground. Ah well, I’ll just go play some Pokémon, it’s not like anyone reads this anyway. But it’s been a nice weekend all in all, so I’m happy. Shifted back into comfort writing mode, which makes me wonder if I’m not taking other projects seriously enough, or if the opening I wrote for Clockspinning isn’t quite right still. Gonna sit on it for now, and try not to overthink it.