February 16th, 2023 – 1,604

“If there was a biography about you, what would the title be?”

Oh no we’re not answering that one.

Today was a fun day, with my dad’s fundraiser curry evening as a nice ending to it, good food with good company, I won ‘Exploding Kittens’ in the raffle, and all in all feeling pretty content. I didn’t write beforehand is my one regret, and so I had to rush target at home, but the good news is I am writing a project that is so long overdue: Clockspinning. I started from scratch after having a much better opening pop into my head on the journey home yesterday, and the link in the sidebar points to the new one now. It is a much more entertaining start this time, albeit I feel I need to work on the humour a little, but then I don’t trust my own sense of humour in general so that’s a normal neuroses for me.

One other thing of note, my copy of Pokémon Blue, and my repaired carts for Yellow and Gold arrived today, along with my GameBoy Printer. I am so excited to have all these games on the go, and I need to figure out both a way to safely transport them, and what I want my tracker on this website to look like. Watch this space.