February 6th, 2023 – 1,594

“How does death change your perspective?”

Memento mori. I try to live in a way that leaves me contented, and to treasure all the little nice things along the way while they’re still around. I also try not to dwell on it, so if it’s all the same I’ll leave that at that.

Good day, albeit busy. I did manage after work and before, more work in the evening to fit in some time playing Pokemon Emerald, as well as before work when I got up. I hope this isn’t a temporary fixation because this is making me smile a lot and I want to hold onto it. Yes, you could tie this back to the previous paragraph, no I am not going to. Instead I’m going to focus on getting a good night’s rest, and prioritizing Pokemon in every gap I can.

Writing is going well, TWR is less of a mess at the beginning than I remember, but I am braced for it to go off the rails soon. Taking it slow – still on the second chapter – and chipping away at it. This feels like my preferred editing method. Slow yes, but I then have days where I get a burst of energy and do more. That works for me, for now at least.