February 5th, 2023 – 1,593

“Something on your “to-do list” that never gets done.”

Hah, implying anything on my to-do list ever gets done. They seem to instil me with pure executive dysfunction. Still working on that. Am far too much of a last-minute person.

When I was a kid, I had this realisation one day that I would be an adult with money one day, but I wouldn’t want to buy fun stuff like cards or Pokemon games anymore, and it made me sad. I always smile when I remember that and prove that child wrong, and today I did that in a big way. See, I always wanted to play Pokemon Emerald, and the one time I bought it I was like 16, I got a copy off eBay, only it was fake and I found out it was a fake when beating the Elite Four corrupted the save file. That was, horrible. But in front of me now is a lovely – and genuine, I checked – copy of Emerald, and it’s a blast getting to play it again. At some point, Imma relegate the Reddit link above to wherever my Twitter link is – do I even have one? In its place, I think I’ll set up a page with my live Pokedex progress in Gen 3 (Emerald) and Gen 4 (SoulSilver). I think I just need a copy of Ruby for Zangoose, but if I need LeafGreen too then I will source it eventually. For now, am just happy to have more silly lil projects. You can never have too many. Reminds me I still need to buy a speaker for the TeenyPC, that was what I was meant to buy today. Oops.

And yes I made pasta bake today, it was lovely.