February 4th, 2023 – 1,592

“What’s your favourite thing to cook?”

It’s actually a recipe I haven’t done in months, and I really should fix that. It’s a pasta bake that uses kidney beans and lots of chilli, and you layer it with tortilla chips and cheese. It’s so freaking good, the best comfort food imaginable. The original recipe used chorizo so if you’re a meat lover it’s still worth a try and works so well. I will buy the ingredients for it tomorrow I think, thanks prompt!

Had a bit of a mood crash yesterday, and didn’t sleep so good afterwards. Well tonight I am hoping to get at least a full night’s rest, make some tasty food tomorrow, and continue to focus on recovery. I am – fingers crossed – back on my feet now, so all I need to do is keep things level going into next week, and I should be golden. In an ideal world, I may even play some Pokemon, if you know, I find the energy to do more than solitaire. I did manage some Arena today.

One place relaxation is working wonders is my writing. I’m sorta just doing a silly comfort project at the moment I’ll probably never publish, but I am also editing The Whispering Rail, which for context outside of the Horizon series is the novel that needs by far the most work out of the series. So far, it’s going quite well to be honest, the beginning remaining a little slow but this one’s supposed to be a mix of fast paced and glacial yet tense scenes. If it remains that way though I do need to work to justify it, as that is bad writing in a vacuum.