February 1st, 2023 – 1,589

“What do you complain about the most?”

Surprisingly, the answer isn’t writing anymore. When I was younger, as in pre-1K, I would have said writing in a heartbeat, followed by health issues because I had no idea what was going on there. Now, well it’s neither of those thanks to 1K and knowing about the EDS, so it’s probably my lack of free time where I have energy to do the leisure activities I want to. I get quite grumpy when I finally have time and energy to do a thing, and suddenly get roped into a commitment that steals both. I am also capable of being grateful people want to spend time with me too and reach out, so I don’t want that interpreted as not wanting to spend time with others, just that I wish I could have spare buckets of energy when I finally find myself alone. Right now, I basically just play solitaire, which is depressing as all hell to say. I have my Swtich, DS, 3DS and GameBoy Advance SP on me at all times, and heck this laptop can game, even if not as well as the PC at home, so it really is possible to make the most of those moments between things. I just have to actually do it.

I bought a new domain name yesterday. Not for this site, I like having my own name on this one, but for a future 1K Publishing operation. Granted, I have 1kpublishing.com already, but I found out that 1k.pub is finally available. Or, it was available, and now I have another domain to hoard and potentially do nothing with. There’s nothing there yet, but I have some ideas, and maybe if I find some of that energy I lament the lack of above, I might set a new site up.