January 30th, 2023 – 1,587

“What would you do if you won the lottery?”

I would book in to speak to a lawyer, I would consult on the best way to anonymously claim the ticket, and then I would claim the prize, put it in savings, and just pay myself an allowance out of it. It’s boring and it’s not especially altruistic, but as much as I hate to say it it’s the only smart path, as any other route just creates the potential to upend your life. Would I tell the people around me? Very few of them, but they might notice my generosity increasing. After all, I would pay myself a generous enough allowance to be able to pass on those benefits to others, as well as to support causes I care about. I’d keep working, and live off that money, so it’s more like the allowance is there for me if I need it, and to treat others and do good otherwise. Oh Look, I Just Described UBI How About That? Huh. Maybe We Should Have A UBI ok ok, I promised less politics and that one’s on me, it wasn’t even a political question. Granted every question is political if you think about it long enough.

Quick side note, I still don’t have the prompt appearing on the new post page like it should, but I found it shown on the landing page of WordPress’s admin end so that’ll do.

So I keep coming back to what to do with my stories. I feel like I need to put them out there a little bit more than just “here’s the Google Docs”, but I’m not too sure what that looks like. Maybe I need to investigate what options WordPress has for hosting ebooks. I’m not sure about it though as ideally, I’d want them to be in a form where I could release them as the ‘beta versions’ of the stories, while I still cross the i’s and dot the t’s, but is that the kind of thing a reader would be ok with? I guess it’s more like an open-beta. You know I wrote that out and realised that it’s literally what video games do all the time and feel remarkably silly now. I, guess I could make this happen. Hm…