January 23rd, 2023 – 1,580

“Write about your first name: its meaning, significance, etymology etc.”

Um, Well it’s Sam, just like on the ^ sign. Great-grandfather’s name, maybe? Not sure, can’t remember. Was almost Isambard so, um, glad that didn’t happen. I’d say I would at least avoid the unfortunate initials but knowing my luck my middle name would begin with a B in that timeline instead of an M.

I ned to go and crash, today was nonstop and it was the first day back. At least with these prompts you get a little more than my old “keeping this short” + 4 sentences posts. But then you’re all imaginary so who cares how much I write. Yes I will keep calling you imaginary, on here and to your faces too. Nobody would read this.

Nobody sane would read this.

…Talking to imaginary people I feel like I am in a very glass house right now to make statements like that. Or proving my own point. Or not.

I need to sleep…