January 16th, 2023 – 1,573

“In what ways do you communicate online?”

…hi. While I would do more than a joke answer here, it kinda feels a teeny bit like doxxing myself so I think imma pass on this one, sorry WordPress. I mean to be fair, this blog is literally my most prolific online communication place, so it’s not like I’m lying there.

I have started getting back into Pokemon again, which is really nice. It’s one of those things that I hyperfixate on for ages, and then I end up dropping for ages. For example, I assembled all the Gen IV games to get the full National Dex ages ago, and then after several months of grinding just stopped. Well I’ve picked up that quest again, along with a playthrough of FireRed, and some planned shiny hunting/breeding in FireRed and SoulSilver respectively. Is nice, having some hobbies on the side of writing to chill out to. I’m taking the trumpet slow until my chest is less clammed up, but hopefully that’ll be soon, especially as I don’t wanna be coughing a week today when classes resume.

…Man my predictions ‘I’ll just get ill’ for the holidays were pretty accurate huh…