January 11th, 2023 – 1,568

“What is your mission?”

Thousand words a day. No really that’s it. I do intend to pass my degree, excel at my job where I can, marry my partner and make the most of my remaining days on Earth, but my mission boils down to that one goal, four words to live by. That might seem odd, given by comparison to a thousand words, one’s career, education, relationships and lived experiences seem far grander, and believe me, they are. If that were the scale, they’d tip it hard enough to launch 1K out the window without breaking it. When getting essay feedback, one of the most common pieces of advice is to always answer the question asked. So, with that in mind, what is my mission? To write a thousand words every day. That is my mission, because if I can do that, I get to call the day a success. Because I have my journals to track it, they end up also tracking all the other useful stuff as they go. Because I need a hobby to balance out work, 1K keeps me sane. Because a thousand words a day is really helpful if you need to write a lot of essays, my degree gets to flourish. Because I record close to everything, I am able to live an intentional life. So yeah, that’s why 1K is my mission; the rest is the very nice to haves.

I was ill again. Well, ok that’s awkward wording, not ill again, I’m still ill, and was still too ill to work which royally sucks. I will try my darnedest to sleep well and be ready to work tomorrow, but the issue right now is the sleep itself: the cough gets worse when I’m laying down, and my abdominal pain is through the roof because all the coughing has me pretty bruised at this point. I should try and get a Cocodamol prescription from the doc maybe, two birds with one stone. For now, I’ll just down some paracetamol and pray for a quick slumber. It’s gotta happen eventually, right?

I am so sorry work, I swear I am trying to stop being ill.