January 10th, 2023 – 1,567

“Do you want to live forever?”

I’ll settle for making it to the weekend. But no, not unless literally everyone else got to as well and in perfect health, and even then there’s many good reasons I wouldn’t want that. I think maybe the most profound is even with perfect health, there is a sort of dilution that would come from ageless life, one that meant the me I am now would be long dead anyway in a thousand years time. I’d rather do some good here and there and maybe help leave a world better than the one I inherited, but even then that is quite a tall order, so leaving some nice stories behind may have to do.

Keeping this short as I need to bed, but I am hoping, fingers crossed, that I sleep well enough to manage work tomorrow. Two days in a row is already a lot, and three feels like I’m pushing it. Right now I don’t feel well enough to, but I’m hoping a good rest will ease me back from the brink. Hopefully. Can you hear the blaring optimism from this post?