January 7th, 2023 – 1,564

“Do you spend more time thinking about the future or the past? Why?”

Past, by a wide margin. I should clarify, I have a very much ‘live in the moment’ life; I document each day not just to reflect, but so I’m making sure to notice all the little things, the food I eat, the games I play, the people I talk to and the things I create. But, as might not surprise you for a wannabe historian, I do think a lot about the past, both my own and the past as a macro concept. I find it fascinating to see the building blocks that make up today, and how even the ones that contradict one another still coalesce into a complex picture. On the major level, I like seeing how ideas and concepts, but also the lives of ordinary people change over time, with the latter being a big passion of mine. It was realising a lot of history lets you focus on ordinary people that inspired me to want to go and study it again. And in terms of my own past, I like seeing the journey I’ve been on, and unpicking what I can learn from that record going forwards. The 1,400+ blog posts and 1,559 diary entries that paint an almost complete picture between them of my 1K journey combine to be the most valuable thing I own.

I am still, so damn ill. I have barely remained upright for 3~ hours today, and while I’m determined to play some Minecraft now I do not hold out much hope I’ll last long. Still, with a relatively early target all things considered I can hardly begrudge today.