January 6th, 2023 – 1,563

“What is the greatest gift that someone could give you?”

Their time. Whenever someone has taken time out from all the roil of their own life, and spares some of it to help me through turmoil or hardship, it means the world to me. Today, all chest infectioned up and feeling more than a little hopeless – even if I managed to be surprisingly productive at work for all that, though obviously from home I’m not a sadist – mum offered to pick me up groceries to see me by. That act, of taking time out of a very buy day just to get me some soups and such, there aren’t words for that, not really. We make facsimiles of words to evoke the emotions, but as if on the absolute opposite end of the spectrum to eldritch horrors and yet matching the rule, such things are better left un-described in a weird way. There’s a pureness to that kind of kindness that it’s better to let your reader infer with their own experiences. Granted, I am extremely lucky, but I hope most people have comparable emotive moments for reference.

I am still very ill so imma go to sleep now. Treason’s Greetings. 0-13. Just give it up Kevin…