January 2nd, 2023 – 1,559

“What makes you feel nostalgic?”

Windows 95/98 aesthetic, and the games I used to play on them. I really do want to get a Windows 98 machine up and running for goofing around on some day, though my TeenyPC is still a lot of fun in the meantime for emulating the feel. I can’t justify the space or the cost for a full machine, but I probably should get a VM set up on this PC soon, like I planned to when I built the damn thing. Maybe when I get around to buying more storage. And when I recover from my monumental financial expense today. And no I’m not using hyperbole, I spent £575.00 today. Ouch. But, I’m hoping it will prove worth it. I’ll show you when it arrives, but suffice to say, this is quite cool and special, as well as a sort of tribute to some people I look up.

Right, I need to crash as I have work tomorrow, and I didn’t fall asleep last night. I went to bed, I just, didn’t ever lose consciousness, as hard as I tried. I really hope I don’t sleep in…