January 31st, 2023 – 1,588

“What are your favorite sports to watch and play?”

To watch, probably football, but I can’t play it. My legs give out way too fast because of all the sudden movements. Tennis is a watch and play. I do like rowing but I don’t row outside of my machine nor really watch it. Maybe I need to watch more sport.

Today was a good day. The day is irrelevant, my xirlfriend is insane. No seriously. They just casually bought me one of these:

I won’t say how much these are worth. Suffice to say, there’s only 1,000 of them, so, yeah you can probably guess. I am in shock. I really do not deserve them.

January 30th, 2023 – 1,587

“What would you do if you won the lottery?”

I would book in to speak to a lawyer, I would consult on the best way to anonymously claim the ticket, and then I would claim the prize, put it in savings, and just pay myself an allowance out of it. It’s boring and it’s not especially altruistic, but as much as I hate to say it it’s the only smart path, as any other route just creates the potential to upend your life. Would I tell the people around me? Very few of them, but they might notice my generosity increasing. After all, I would pay myself a generous enough allowance to be able to pass on those benefits to others, as well as to support causes I care about. I’d keep working, and live off that money, so it’s more like the allowance is there for me if I need it, and to treat others and do good otherwise. Oh Look, I Just Described UBI How About That? Huh. Maybe We Should Have A UBI ok ok, I promised less politics and that one’s on me, it wasn’t even a political question. Granted every question is political if you think about it long enough.

Quick side note, I still don’t have the prompt appearing on the new post page like it should, but I found it shown on the landing page of WordPress’s admin end so that’ll do.

So I keep coming back to what to do with my stories. I feel like I need to put them out there a little bit more than just “here’s the Google Docs”, but I’m not too sure what that looks like. Maybe I need to investigate what options WordPress has for hosting ebooks. I’m not sure about it though as ideally, I’d want them to be in a form where I could release them as the ‘beta versions’ of the stories, while I still cross the i’s and dot the t’s, but is that the kind of thing a reader would be ok with? I guess it’s more like an open-beta. You know I wrote that out and realised that it’s literally what video games do all the time and feel remarkably silly now. I, guess I could make this happen. Hm…

January 29th, 2023 – 1,586

I cannot fix the prompts issue, and I tried looking up some only to find it ruins the magic if you have to pick from a list. I cannot save my Writing settings and it’s just a shame, I liked the feature and now it’s just off-limits. But it’s ok, I’ll keep an eye on it and make do.

I didn’t manage to rest up quite like I’d wanted to this weekend, but it ended on a high note, and I am contented right now. I need to not be so silly about things that aren’t actual problems, and just go with the flow a bit more. Sorry for keeping that cryptic. I’m just chilling watching one of my favourite Twitch streamers, and feeling a little more optimistic about the week ahead. Here’s hoping that no major disasters occur, though the train strikes are going to be rough.

January 28th, 2023 – 1,585

WordPress is being useless again, it won’t save changes to the Writing settings no matter how many times you save changes. I am kind of used to wordpress.com not being the best platform but it’s a little frustrating when it outright lies to your face like that.

Hey guess what, I’m keeping this one short, I know right, so out of character, but it’s because it’s been a long week, yesterday was lowkey wretched, and I just need to switch off for the evening. But hey, 7pm target so could be worse.

January 26th, 2023 – 1,583

“Name an attraction or town close to home that you still haven’t gotten around to visiting.”

I love all things aquatic. Always have. In Brighton, there is a Sea Life centre, billed as the world’s oldest aquarium. No brainer right? E’yep, if I have visited it ever, I’m too young to remember. Every time I see it I’m like “Oh yeah! I should go there!” – and then I never do. I should rectify that. But then that’s basically what I say when I see it so don’t hold your breath. Unless you end up in the tank, in which case do, and swim up. Ah, tired-me humour.

Not quite a 4 day week this week as I have a couple of things tomorrow, but this week marks the start of my new Monday-Thursday uni/college work schedule and, I am shattered. Granted, jumped in at the deep end but, I need to rest tomorrow best I can and tackle the next one for a more accurate picture, but I am gonna be exhausted by the end of the 10 weeks by this rate. Gotta pace myself, and maybe try to start the essays on Monday if I can too. It’s gonna be ok, I just need to approach this with logic, and as much self care as I can cram in. I decided to buy more Pokémon games today to give more variety to my downtime, so I now have at least one active playthrough in four separate Pokémon generations now. Variety I think is the thing that will help me the most right now, though, I do mean more than just variety of different Pokémon games…

January 25th, 2023 – 1,582

“List five things you do for fun.”

  • Writing. Well no kidding.
  • Video games, mostly Pokémon and Minecraft right now, though I haven’t made enough time for it for a long time.
  • Drawing/Art, but I’m even worse at making time for that.
  • Wordle, which I always make time for.

Well, that’s a bit of a sobering intervention. I guess I need to find more things to do for fun. Life is going a little smoother at least, and if I can rest this weekend I will hopefully be back on my feet by Monday. But I should try and spend more time doing things for fun too.

January 24th, 2023 – 1,581

“If you could make your pet understand one thing, what would it be?”

*sigh* Don’t have a pet. Would love one, but I do not trust myself to look after a living thing.

Rough day, sorry if this is a stub, but was not a positive experience at university today, and I am still so fatigued from the illness that even slowly ramping things back up is making me feel screwy. It is nice being back in the office though. I finished almost an hour ago but I decided to stick around to write and such because it’s just a nice place to do it. And now I can go home, and try to switch off I guess. There will be days like this. It’s how I respond to them that matters, and today I got everything I needed to do done, and will now go rest it off. All you can do right?

January 23rd, 2023 – 1,580

“Write about your first name: its meaning, significance, etymology etc.”

Um, Well it’s Sam, just like on the ^ sign. Great-grandfather’s name, maybe? Not sure, can’t remember. Was almost Isambard so, um, glad that didn’t happen. I’d say I would at least avoid the unfortunate initials but knowing my luck my middle name would begin with a B in that timeline instead of an M.

I ned to go and crash, today was nonstop and it was the first day back. At least with these prompts you get a little more than my old “keeping this short” + 4 sentences posts. But then you’re all imaginary so who cares how much I write. Yes I will keep calling you imaginary, on here and to your faces too. Nobody would read this.

Nobody sane would read this.

…Talking to imaginary people I feel like I am in a very glass house right now to make statements like that. Or proving my own point. Or not.

I need to sleep…

January 22nd, 2023 – 1,579

“What’s your dream job?”

Honestly, I dream less about what I would do for work and more the environment, so I can say with no irony, my current job is my dream job. It gives me support, fulfilment, flexibility to study and accommodation for my disability. That’s all I need to be content.

Didn’t get a ton of sleep so keeping this short and going to keep things nice and quiet today. But I am looking forward to uni tomorrow. Was a lovely evening.