December 30th, 2022 – 1,556

“How have your political views changed over time?”

I’ve become less willing to compromise on socialist views. I grew up seeing that you can manage to make more progress to the left with a liberal focus, but I’ve just gotten tired of pretending I’m happy about incremental change. I’m not. I am, unapologetically much further left than the people I’ve campaigned for. That’s ok, those people do and have done good work, and I am happy about putting my time into their campaigns. But man, I just wish people’s wellbeing was a bigger focus than capitalism allows, while it plays this joke party game of trickle down and ‘hoarding more lifts us all.’ It doesn’t. It never did.

See why I don’t get political? I may skip the political ones from now on.

On a lighter note, I track every single Commander game I play in my bullet journal, and today I did my annual review. I’ll be playing some tomorrow, but I still like having this to look at:

Also I’m glad I’m not bothered about winning in Commander because, yeesh…