December 25th, 2022 – 1,551

“Share what you know about the year you were born.”

For my, I wanna say 21st but it might have been 25th birthday – which I’d know if I bullet journalled back then or kept better written records, I got a super cool present: Every single copy of Private Eye from the year I was born. Fun fact, the one for the week I was born has a glossy cover, because it was their election special and they got Spitting Image to do a crossover cover. I mean what do I think of when I think of 1992? For some reason I don’t really think of LucasArts, as my main attachments are to 1990, 1991 and 1993 onwards, not really having much of a latch to 1992. Two elections obviously, both with, pretty dire consequences for the US and UK. I know that 1992 was an Olympics year and have no idea who hosted it – huh, I looked it up and it was Spain, I didn’t even know they had hosted one. I’m trying to think of non political stuff and drawing a complete blank, which is odd, because I have read about 1992 but none of it comes to mind. I’ll probably kick myself later.

Christmas is a day I always enjoy, which I am lucky for and thankful for. I’m knackered now, and while I don’t feel the concept of ‘good tired’ applies to me all that much for various reasons I’ll spare you, I am contented. I’m just finishing up my Christmas write up, which I do every year now and now we’re in post-main-story was allowed to cover target, though I did write another 475 words of PNG too. Starting to love that story, even if I am not super sure how I feel about the pacing just yet. While that gives me time to polish before publishing outside of this site, I would like to know where I’m sticking it, as so far I have no clue. I may just go FictionPress after all, I mean why not. Go with what you know right? Even if I did purge all my old stuff on there. Multiple times. Kinda regret that now, even if it does mean no legacy versions of TUS to confuse people.