December 24th, 2022 – 1,550

“Are you a good judge of character?”

I would like to think so, though I am not sure anyone can ever know the answer to that one for certain. People are complex, contradictory things, and they can have sides distasteful, wonderful, abhorrent and benign in equal measure, and maybe you’ll only know about a quarter of that at best. I know there’s parts of me – mostly the bitterness – that I don’t often let surface that maybe people give me too much of a pass on. Who knows. But I do feel like I know who is worthy of offering trust to, and when to renew it after a mistake or a misstep.

So 10am blog, yay! It’s been a while. I wish I could say I just caught the wind at my back and slayed it, but the truth is more grim. Guess who didn’t sleep? Debating maybe getting a nap in, but that does risk ruining my sleep more. For now, I’m just gonna go lie down either way, my back is killing me. Funny that.