December 18th, 2022 – 1,544

“What skills or lessons have you learned recently?”

I’ve been working hard on my editing skills, and how to spot problems and over-telling, but I don’t know if I’ve learned it enough to put a pin in that as my answer. In terms of cemented skills, I’ve gotten a lot better at my coffee-making. I’ll try to remember to attach a picture of one of the mochas that I made before, but I’ve been trying to make all sorts, and gotten some nice gifts to aide that endeavour. For example, I got to try coffee bags today, and they’re very nice! I want to be less utilitarian than my previous coffee-as-aide mindset. It’s great and I am having a blast! I am going to keep on going and be more adventurous here, because coffee always helps me write, and like writing, it should be fun.

Tomorrow is the last day of work before the holidays, and I am looking forward to a nice long break. I’ve also found that yes, my latest project idea seems the right one for me, right now. And as alluded to, that project is A Planet Named George. I’ll get it added to the sidebar soon. Low stakes planetary romance.