December 11th, 2022 – 1,537

“What’s my favourite cartoon?”

OK quick side note before I answer that, you notice how I did a paragraph break? Yeah I was cynical about this to begin with but it’s legitimately so fun to do the silly little questions WordPress gives me and I’m making it a thing. Can’t guarantee I always will, but it does mean on the days where I have less to say – which, spoilers, means I am incredibly depressed and putting on a brave face [Insert ‘Slight Smile’ emoji, though wouldn’t it be funny if I just forgot to do that and left this here? Just kidding I just can’t be bothered to go back on my phone and do that. And yes I know I can just right click and do it like this 🙂 but that takes too much work so no. Wait.]

What was I talking about again?

BoJack Horseman is a work of art that I overlooked for far too long. What I adore about it is it makes such an awful first impression on you if you go by the trailers and animation style, and then you watch it and you realise no, that adds to it in ways you didn’t realise odd art styles could, by inadvertently making a point about surface level judgements at a distance vs the reality once you delve deeper. My favourite anecdote is the one you hear the cast talking about when the later script readings in the first season happened, and they were all like ‘Oh wait, this isn’t the goofy show we thought it was. This is dark.’ But you know what I love most about it? It’s not the darkness or the humour, or the musical numbers which by god these guys rival South Park on. It’s the fact this, goofy, bizarre show about a man with a horse for a head who used to be a TV big shot deals with some of the most emotionally intense issues of any modern TV show, with elegance classical literature struggles to match. And no spoilers, the episode ‘Free Churro’ features the greatest monologue in TV history, and yes, I do list The West Wing and Two Cathedrals in my favourites list on my bio page, I am aware, and yet for the audacity of how the episode presents this, yeah, Free Churro. OK, I do not like superlatives, and I don’t feel it’s useful or interesting to claim one is better than the other, so take the above as me being over excitable, but by god, A) watch it if you haven’t*, and 2) *Do Not Watch It without bracing yourself, and ideally with company. Also iii) Beware episode 11s, especially in the last season where there’s two. If you’ve watched it, you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, how’s my own writing going? My lovely xirlfriend always talks about how much they hope to write something at the BoJack level one day – I feel they have but they won’t listen to me – but right now I feel I am at the point I feel my work is reaching the ‘yeah I could see that in a printed book’ level. Now, over a decade into writing, and over 4 years into 1K, you might think that’s a bit of a low bar to reach, and I will admit, it may just be, but I think it’s important for me to be critical of my current writing ability, and to recognise that I still have flaws. For example, look at just how many run on sentences I use on this blog. Granted, I just write raw on here, but that’s still a poor impression I’m making. If you came here, and saw how rambling some of those lines about BoJack were, you might assume, with reasonable justification, that I didn’t know you aren’t really supposed to do that. And yet, I do know not to write run on sentences. I also know how to edit writing so that the grammar and sentence order flow in an active voice. But here I ramble and talk a lot of nonsense, and all NINE of you seem to enjoy that I guess…? Doesn’t it annoy you that you get an email every day to say the weird rambling British man just made another five line post about how EDS sucks and he managed to get the fourteenth chapter of a book no one is ever going to read up to an arbitrary wordcount target? You’re insane is what I’m saying. You’re also imaginary, I refuse to concede on that point.

That paragraph started with a question, and then proceeded not to answer it. See I did tell you I don’t write properly on here but I feel that’s the best illustration of that fact I’ve ever given. Good work, me? My writing is going ok, though as this is yet another 11pm post, on a Sunday no less, ‘could be better’ is what I’d say. And I really need to find a new project to grip me. There’s a lot of candidates, but I’m still on the fence, and also torn if I even should go for a new one, or finish polishing the first 5 books of the STO and just, put them out there somehow. I honestly do not know. I wouldn’t say I’m ‘rudderless’, so much as I am burned out and in need of a good comfort project. Hm…