December 8th, 2022 – 1,534

Do I ever see wild animals? That’s a much better question WordPress, and yes, all the time. In Eastbourne foxes are a very common sight, and they’re looking a lot healthier in recent years because I think more people started feeding them. My granny makes hers jam sandwiches because, she’s adorable and of course she does that. I’m not making that up and I aspire to that level of altruism.

So, that was the final day of uni this year. Jeez, 11 months ago I started harping on about this “Project4” thing I refused to tell you about – so I didn’t screw up my job, I hope you now realise, I wasn’t being cryptic for no reason. Now here I am and I’m actually surviving, dare I be hubristic and say thriving? Well, no I don’t quite dare yet. I set a goal of doing more of the social life, and that hasn’t manifested as I haven’t made the time, and I need to. I also am a teensy bit below where I want to be performing, which is to say I’m on the outskirts of “First” territory, and I know that’s good, but I want to do better. That said, I am also going to need to keep my health in check as I go. But heck, first essay I wrote in 8 years was 3 marks off a First, and the one I got back today was a solid First. I must be doing something right?

By the way, a note on those grades: I’m not bragging, but I’m also not going to refrain from talking about my grades, because this is a place of transparency, and if I do start falling short I need to hold myself accountable for that. I my imaginary 9 email subscribers to think I’ve taken on an arrogant streak, they might unsubscribe. W-why are you subscribed to this? Do, do you read this drivel? Why? Do, do you need links to actual reading? Or recommendations? If you need recommendations for the love of god go read Legends & Lattes, that book is phenomenal. I should know I’ve read it six or seven times now, since, last week…