December 6th, 2022 – 1,532

“Share five things you’re good at” huh WordPress? OK, let’s see. I’m gonna give an honourable mention to “being stubborn about writing every day”, which would be in the #1 spot but that feels cheap given this is the 1K blog.

  1. 1) Playing board and card games against myself. This one is a weird skill, but I am able to just block out any memory of hidden information when I play games. It’s one reason I like owning Modern decks, because I can just play them against each other. The one game I struggle with this in ironically is the one most people can do if they have this skill: chess. But then I am bad at chess so…
  2. 2) Making over the top spreadsheets for the tiniest things. Whether it’s a video game, a routine, or just me doing a thought experiment and wanting to aggregate some data, I love my spreadsheets. Irony point two, I am struggling to learn SQL, and it kills me. I want to learn SQL so I can go even harder, but alas that’s gonna be a slow burn.
  3. 3) Wordle. Not the best by any means but I am just shy of a 300 unbroken record with a sub-4 average on hard mode.
  4. 4) Memorising long strings. Now if I don’t keep the practice up, I tend to lose the information, but whether it’s digits of pi, American Presidents, or hyper specific monetary figures that I can then quote in exams, I am ridiculously good at holding onto that information.
  5. 5) Being an agony aunt. I have this weird super power: I can be an empathetic ear and listen to trauma and pain and intense angst flow, and even have it be about me, and I can do that without taking psychic damage. It’s been incredibly useful because it means if I have a friend in need, even if I am not doing great I can still hemp em out.

I wish I could say “6) Blogging early” but, well it’s quarter to midnight. But I am very tired, and I do need to be nice to myself. It’ll work out.