December 5th, 2022 – 1,531

“What is one thing you would change about yourself?” WordPress are you trying to say something? Um, depends what I could change? I’d never change the autism because it’s who I am, but if I could just not have EDS I’d be down with that. Assuming it’s gotta be a thing possible at the present time, well that’s tricky. I can’t say my issues with executive function because, those are the EDS again probably. I can’t say my agitation can I? I guess I could, because that I can work on. Ok yeah, let’s go with that. And maybe less vindictive.

I keep writing in various places that I want to ‘learn more about writing exercises for fleshing out plot and characters’ and then just never do it. I need to change that. Also I never set this year of 1K a theme, so I guess better late than never, the theme is now ‘exercises’. If I did come up with a theme and forgot, well goes to show it was a bad theme and so it’s replaced.